About Us

Fashion is her first love. It has always been and will always be. Due to strict parenting, Ms. Smith was discouraged from pursuing this passion on a collegiate level. Putting her desires aside, within a six-year span, Ms. Smith earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, and a Master’s in Business Administration. On paper, she is decorated nicely, but ironically, her first love still lingered in plan sight. In 2012, out of a longing to both vent and express herself, MadameSmith.com, the blog, was launched. Having no idea of where to start, she simply delved into blogging and began having pictures taken of random outfits to pair with random rants about whatever came to mind. THIS was her outlet to express fashion creativity and escape from corporate America. In trying to bring attention to MadameSmith.com, she soon realized that fashion blogging was quite popular and a lot of hard work, not to mention endless competition. Though with passion, persistence, and energy, her goal has always been to be successful and “MADAME SMITH” is definitely not exempt to this mindset.

The Madame Smith Collection is a labor of love, comprised of unique, hand-sewn pieces. Madame Smith’s merchandise is not mass-produced, manufactured by machine or a common occurrence and she takes pride in being able to offer every woman the luxury of owning a MS piece and trusting the quality, durability and experience to meet her needs.

By way of its blog and third-party platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, Madame Smith stays in constant contact with prospective clientele, brands and future partners. The company also connects with fashion-conscious citizens of other cities and countries to keep a constant pulse on trends and upcoming fashion icons.

The MS Collection was designed with one purpose in mind, to create cutting-edge fashion that offers versatility and style guaranteed hard to come by. Understanding how exclusivity creates a class of its own, Madame Smith strives to remain a needle in a haystack. The collection celebrates the modern woman, whether she’s running between meetings or dressing for a night on the town, versatility dressed up or down keeps women confident around the clock.