Thrilled For Frill

Asos Jumpsuit | Asos Sandals Target Handbag

Hey Lovelies! "Thrilled For Frill" as much as I am? There's a laundry list as to why I love frill as much as I do, as there is with pretty much everything I like. However, for starters, frill reminds me of ultimate girly and you guys know I love anything along those lines. Adding frill bottoms and arms to this simplistic black jumpsuit transforms this piece into something quite unique. Looking for the perfect black jumpsuit to house in your wardrobe? This gem definitely scored a spot in mine! It's a piece that I can bring out almost every single season, which I absolutely live for. Seeming how our spring season is about to end and we'll be welcoming summer in a few short weeks, I decided to pair my LBJ (is there a such thing) with brighter colors. I had no intention on being matchy matchy with nature today, but it just so happened to work out that way! Side note, isn't this the most beautifully colored plant? I found this house in the heart of Venice, CA and actually had to stop and take a moment to admire how lovely it was. Back to the look....Decided to pair my decorative sandals with a simple handbag from Target. Ever go in the handbag section of Target? I've been shocked a few times when I've briefly browsed that section. No lie guys, I've come across a few "hits"  like my handbag shown above. Have you guys ever had one those times when you don't really wanna to spend crazy money or a fortune on a particular colored bag but are in need of that specific color to match your look! Well, this was my exact debacle until Target Style saved the day! I'm pretty satisfied with how this peachy color popped the peach-ish hue in my sandals which definitely helped me avoid what could have been another boring black jumpsuit look appear a lot less boring! MSsignature

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