Madame Smith — Shoedazzle pumps

Black Statement Dress

Shop Brown Sugar Dress | Shoedazzle Pumps 

Hey Lovelies! I've had what feels like a million LBD's in my lifetime, but there's only a few that can...

Taxi Vibes

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Kate Spade Dress :: Shoedazzle Pumps :: Kate Spade Clutch

Hey Lovelies! I don't think I could have started...

Open Heart

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TopShop Mini Skirt :: H&M Blouse :: Shoedazzle Pumps :: Mirina Collections Necklace 

Hey Lovelies! Close your eyes. Place your left palm on your...

Casual Meets Chic


H&M Sheer Blouse :: Target Overalls :: Shoedazzle Pumps :: Shoedazzle Crossbody Bag

Hey Lovelies! It only takes a few things in my life to make me happy; the Spring season being one, and...