Smell The Roses

Kate Spade Dress Public Desire Sandals | Forever 21 Clutch

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Hey Lovelies! How often do you take thetime to smell the roses? Growing up, I always heard this expression used constantly, but never really understood it's meaning until I became a little bit older. Although i didn't quite understand  the meaning then, little did I know I was already practing its meaning. Presently  as an adult, I make it my business to always take several moments out of my days to enjoy and appreciate any and everything I feel necessary; especially things often ignored. Yes, smelling the roses has somehow always been embodied in my nature and I'm sure for each of you reading this as well. More personally for me however, there's a great gratitude I experience when I make it my intent to live my life with a deeper appreciation of the world around me. When I take time to smell the roses, I'm reminded to slow my day to day down a little and notice the simple things that make my life worthwhile. Sure, I like the rest of humanity might have the busiest of busy life, but being present in the moment is something I make sure I do because if I don't, I'll regret the moments that pass me by. Prioritizing my life and including time for my family and friends is super important to me.  Often times work, managing businesses, and blogging can consume a significant portion of my life, however, I realize that those things don't necessarily hold the same value as those near and dear to me. I take time to smell the roses and enjoy them because life is uncertain and I wouldn't want to missopportunitiea to share special moments and make memories with those whom matter most in my life. Also, I'm quite fond of smelling roses literally! Flowers, roses especially have one of the most sweet scents. Honestly, there's nothing quite like a scent of fresh flowers. Plus, oddly I  super obsessed with admiring the beauty of them. Nevertheless, literally speaking, I frequently take the time to smell the roses! Lastly, I am thankful and I am grateful for basically any and everything. My life is not perfect by far, but I know that it could also be a lot different.  I try to keep in mind that my time here on earth it is a gift and I am privileged to have a daily existence. There's also this, which is probably the most important factor about life - the fact of which I only have this one chance to live, so it would be to my advantage to take time often to stop and smell the roses! Irionically, fashion also influences me to take time to smell the roses. This dress, drenched in  a beautiful rose print influenced  this post!! Don't forget to take the time to smell the roses in your life. I'm sure you, like myself, refrain from living in regrets and what-ifs. MSsignature

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