Red Hot

Madera Jumpsuit | Zara Purse | Aldo Sandals

Hey Lovelies! This little number has me feeling "RED HOT" and sassy today. Wouldn't be the first time red gives me those feels though. Sure I live in color, but honestly speaking, wearing red sporadically comes in the mix. It's a color I love when  I'm wearing it, but not a color I repeatedly buy (if that makes any sense). When I do find a red number, I almost always make sure it's something that'll stand out (I know, I know, as if red doesn't already command attention). Nevertheless, this jumpsuit is far from boring to me which is why I had to have it! On another note, is it just me or does my jumpsuit give off nautical vibes especially with the two-toned buttons and white piping!?! Also the peek-a-b00 bust cutout, is uniquely designed (that was kinda the highlight for me). I proudly categorize myself as a classier, leave-everthing-to-the-imagine kind of girl, but I unapologetically embrace my womanhood and sometimes this includes a more sexier side! With that said, I'm totally loving how this jumpsuit welcomes a more alluring me - a little red hot!

Reason 2 Trillion why I absolutely love fashion is because a simple garment can transform you into someone you might not be normally. For instance, if you randomly browsed through my blog, I'm sure we could agree that I'm usually a conservative dresser. Nonetheless, I have my moments when I stray away from girly-girl and remind myself things like, "hey you're a few decades, it's quite alright to highlight the woman curves God has blessed you with." Often times, society labels a woman who wears tighter fitting clothing or garments that expose her body parts as a negative connotation, provocative, even associating her with derogatory names. NEWSFLASH, as human being, what happened to us not judging others because this is what God expects of us? Aside from that, we definitely need to stop ourselves from judging  as much because we're not always aware of a person's circumstances. Perhaps, showing skin is what pays the bills. Who am I or anyone else to cast judgement against that. I might not totally agree with it, but I've learned when I worry about myself more, especially more than anyone else, things just work so harmonious in my life. 


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