Rams vs. Bills


Hey Lovelies! Never have I ever attended a professional football game...... YIKES, I know! Before you go judging and in all fairness, Los Angeles hasn't had a NFL team in decades so I've never really been a hardcore or die-heart  football fan. Nonetheless, after attending the Rams vs. Bills game today, I'm kinda thinking I might just like football a little more than I expected. Attending the game was such an unforgettable experience. I happened to attend the game with people who absolutely love the sport, so their vibrant energy made my experience that much more memorable. I was super shocked to witness the amount of people who attended the game. To say that the Los Angeles Coliseum was packed is probably an understatement and because of this, I felt a huge sense of pride knowing that my city, Los Angeles attracted that many people. I'm not gonna lie, each time I took a moment to observe and survey the crowd, I smiled. At any rate, I had an absolute blast! Hoping the Rams actually win next time I decide to attend a game..... Oh, and did I mention how amazing my seat was? I often thought that siting higher up was the better seating at a football game because of perspective, but that too was  a misconception. Being able to see play books, like right in front of me, is like a huge thing apparently! Well according to my company, lol! Until next Los Angeles Rams..... 


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