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Hey Lovelies! Perception as defined by the dictionary is the ability to see, hear, and/or become aware of something through senses. I find it quite interesting that this particular dress photographed two different colors, using the same exact camera, lens, lighting, at the exact same hour. I honestly started not to post neither the photo set that looked pink versus the set that looked more purple, but I got a little surge of inspiration to discuss the topic perception, so I posted a mix of both sets of my purplish/pinkish bodycon.

It's crazy interesting how life revolves around perception. Stephen Colbert once said that, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts, but since facts don't matter nowadays, everything is perceived; perception! Sorry to be all philosophically-dramatic-esque on y'all today, but perception has got everyone a little on deceptive mode these days, well that's been for some time now to be honest. I, too admit to being guilty of this on a certain level, so in no way do I dare judge. I will say this however, I am thankful for what I have because I know I'll eventually have more because when I find myself concentrating on what I don't have, I find myself not ever having enough. However, if I concentrated on what I see, hear, or rely on any of my senses in paying attention to what others have, especially when pertainaing to keeping up with SOCIAL JONES', I probably would have wanted to jump off a bridge eons ago, lol jkjk. But, seriously, I toot to my own horn and march to my own beat, thankfully. Though, at this point in my life, I definitely pride myself on being as true to myself as possible, so what you see is kinda what you get. 

SO... In a way, I'm pretty  grateful this little bodycon provided much inspo to briefly comment on something that is becoming negatively prevalent in our little universe presently and personally bugs me just a tad bit. You never really know a person's true walk of life is, and just remember, people only tell you or show what they want you to see and know; which is definitely their right. I mean you wouldn't know that I've battled a terminal illness for a few years now from looking at me! But, always remember this, your perception of me, is a reflection if you and most importantly, perception and reality are two different things!

Pink or purple - what color is my dress, LOL!?!?


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