Neutrals & Navy Frill

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Hey Lovelies! It's beginning to feel a lot like AUTUMN weather here "in it-never-rains-in-southern-california!" Though, it's the weather is far from raining cats and dogs, the air is a lot more brisk and temperatures have finally dropped a bit, whohooooo! One of my favorite things about fall is scenery change, which is one why I'm borderline obsessed with the photos from this shoot. Fall is certainly proclaiming it's presence - FALLing leaves everywhere and all. As nature begins changing colors right before our eyes, my wardrobe  is seemingly doing the same. Most of you know I love love love color, and  I couldn't bare to live without color in my life, but autumn is definitely encouraging to embrace milder and more neutral tones. To all my brightly colored pieces linger in my wardrobe, please accept my apologies in advance; I most likely won't be seeing you for a few months or so, lol. Nevertheless, this "neutrals & navy frill" ensemble comes just in time! 

Never have ever owned such a unique pair of trousers! Shop Snob Mode kindly gifted me with the ones shown above. Initially, I thought these are super cool, but wasn't sure how I was going to style and give them the glory they totally deserved. Aside from the trousers being quite fun to parlay in, they're definitely a piece that instantly draws attention and let's face it, we definitely all love a little attention now and again. Nonetheless, I decided to pair these navy frill trousers with a few neutral tones - beige, gold, and tan. Initially, my first thought was to pair them with burgundy, but that color combo seemed quite typical fall or  clichéd autumn colors from last year. Plus, incorporating neutral colors is somewhat of a milestone for me. I've always had  a neutral phobia because I feel like that tone clashes with my skin pigment. However, I'm quickly getting over it and decided to just go for it. Which I'm quite proud of myself for doing so. I'm sorta especially majorly crushing on this look because it's a look definitely far from my everyday and comfort zone. Neutrals, frill trousers, and drop neckline aren't my norm, but I love the outcome of this look (pats self on back, lol). 

If you love this "Neutrals & Navy Frill" look as much as I do, please visit  Shop Snob Mode, a multi-brand boutique that offers a range of contemporary labels and accessories! The new arrivals are so, so good! What are you waiting for?!?!?  


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