Kate Spade DressAldo Shoes | Aldo Handbag

Hey Lovelies! Fashion is fun especially when you intentionally play the mismatching game purposely to create style. In fact, I am way beyond thrilled that mixing and matching patterns, prints, and colors is a thing now, and considered cool! Personally, I love that look - you know that aesthetic of crazy mixed up styling? Think of it like this, if you're one who always looses a sock or three, it's ok to wear one blue and one pink sock and strut the heck out of your stride with your jeans and walking shoes! The look definitely gets a stamp of approval nowadays. Or if you're one to wear an orange bandana with pink sweater, that's now ok as well! As for me, I'm one who's more into wearing a printed dress with patterned pumps, and a mismatching handbag and think that's cool! Pretty much like what I've done with this look! Even if mismatching goes out of style, it will remain in style always and forever  for me. You can always catch me digging through the closet purposely attempting to put a look together to mix and match my things. In case you didn't know, it's been deemed "fashionable" by the "fashionistas." MSsignature

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