Kenzo x H&M Dress | Banana Republic Blouse  | YSL Clutch

Hey Lovelies! Now that we're in another year, I figured I better stop lollygagging around and blog/wear the rest of the items I scored from the Kenzo x H&M collaboration. Aside from this knit, tiger printed  shift dress, there's not much more I purchased aside from what I've already posted. Actually, to my surprise the dress shown in this KENZO X H&M – LOOK 3 wasn't even a piece I had interest in initially. However, once seeing it up close and in person, I couldn't see myself not having it in my closet. Online promotion did this dress absolutely no justice. To  be honest and quite frank, the dress online wasn't even that attractive in my opinion. However, I was immediately enamored with the knitted bottom, the unusual tiger print, color patterns, and heavy material. LOVE LOVE LOVE that this dress is a well made piece and what I especially love most about it is that it flatters any body type. Most shift dresses have that advantage anyway, but I was surprised that this super heavyweight knit material achieved that common shift dress perk as well. I wanted the dress to look different from what we saw in the promo so I added a long sleeve blouse underneath. Not sure what provoked me to do that, but I kinda felt like I was channeling my inner prep school girl vibe with my KENZO X H&M – LOOK 3 (I had a CLUELESS moment, lol). I'd initially intended to wear some tights or stockings of some sort, but forgot to put them on (rushing, per usual); whoops, hate it when that happens! Regardless, my velvet ankle boots from Lola Shoetique completed the look as I anticipated. Lately I've been obsessed with ankle boots and as I mentioned in a previous post, they've been my go-to all winter. I love the mobility, comfort ability, and chicness of ankle boots; they've been irresistible in my wardrobe, especially if made from velvet! Speaking of velvet, I honestly did not think that this trend would become as popular as it did, but it's been the most popular material lately. Are any of you guilty of hitting your parent's or grandparent's wardrobe yet in search for velvet vintage pieces?!? Unfortunately for me, I didn't have any seasoned folks closet to raid, BUT I'm enjoying finding velvet pieces around town! 

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