Kenzo x H&M Jacket/Turtle Neck/Pants Lola Shoetique Ankle Boots

Hey Lovelies! I'm super late posting all the items I snagged from the Kenzo x H&M collab from this past November, however, here's my second favorite set of pieces from that collab. I really love this look, and although head to toe Kenzo x H&M, these pieces were literally some of the ones I wanted once the campaign released. The bomber jacket, turtle neck, and pants can all be worn separately, which is a huge advantage. Secondly in my KENZO X H&M – LOOK 2, the print's color scheme is a super odd pairing, but it works because it's eclectic, fun, and bold.

I'm kinda glad I decided to wait to wear this look, because it's perfect the colder days we've been having in Los Angeles lately. Seems like wherever I've traveled lately, that region's weather pattern is different from its norm. In Los Angeles, we've actually had a consistent winter-ish days which is not really normal here. I can't lie, I'm loving it although, I've had to get adjusted to actually walking out the house with a heavier coat or jacket. Nevertheless, KENZO X H&M – LOOK 2 is exactly what I wore/would wear for our colder winter days in "it never rains in sunny California (yeah right)...." lol!

ANKLE BOOTS are trending heavily these days and I've sorta jumped on their bandwagon. Yeah, yeah I know, I speak against trend following, etc. but lately my look were in need of some good ole ankle boot action. BTW, I'm loving all of Lola Shoetique's ankle boot selection. I snagged a couple the other day and I was quite impressed with how comfortable they all are. I'm assuming the chunkiness and lowered heel on ankle boots work to my advantage as well. Plus, they afford me a few inches of height, so I'm not complaining one bit. Be sure to check out their bootie selection (see here). Word has it that Lola Shoetique is having a crazy sale right now and if you enter the code COUNTDOWN you'll receive 30% off your order. What are you waiting for??? Go ahead and treat yourself!!! 


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