Hello Stripes

Asos Jumper Ippo Shop Sandals  | Aldo Crossbody Bag  

Hey Lovelies! Hello Stripes! Bonjour Jumpsuits! Stripes and florals always find a way to my heart almost instantaneously. This particular striped number is probably my favorite jumpsuit to date. The bold stripes are absolutely amazing. The wide leg design aligns perfectly with the current trend, and the colors are the perfect tones for our last few winter days. When I mentioned in a previous post that jumpsuits are pretty much my favorite things, can you not see why now? I openly welcome both stripes and jumpsuits into my wardrobe.

Hello Stripes! Bonjour Faux Fur! Faux fur was also one of my winter favorites this season. Whether it be accessories, shoes, or wardrobe staples. I fell completely in love with my little faux fur collection this season. I added so many pieces and am anticipating on it expanding even more next year. I could have and maybe should have paired this jumpsuit with some sort  of simple sandal or maybe even a pump.  However, I decided to be all extra and pull out this faux fur sandals one more time. Can you blame me? I only have a few more days to technically wear them anyway and although I talk about not following fashion rules all the time, I never try  to disservice spring whatsoever.

Hello Stripes! Hola lips! Another super duper EXTRA move, but I couldn't resist purchasing this Aldo lips clutch. It's quite over-the-top I'll admit, but sometimes you need pieces like these that just add a little wow factor to your look. This accessory did just that for my striped jumpsuit. I'll admit, I've got a lot statements going on here which i typically don't do, but I loved how the jumpsuit, lips cross-body, and faux fur sandals complimented another. Oh and in case you're wondering, sometimes I don't often practice what I preach and it absolutely works just perfect from time to time. Adios loves! 


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