Gloomy May Sunday

 Pretty Little Thing Faux Fur Jacket | Nordstrom Leggings | Jennifer Le Boots | Aldo Crossbody

Hey Lovelies! Just because we're well into spring doesn't quite mean we're exempt from a Gloomy May Sunday. I'm certainly glad that my winter wear isn't tucked and packed away toward the back of my closet because it rained all weekend and I'm not too mad that it did. Although a few of my plans were canceled, I was able to get some well needed R&R in, quiet time, and most importantly -- some ME time in. I've been feeling super overwhelmed and as a result I haven't been accomplishing all the things that I'd like; as result of that, I've been quite flustered. We all know that frustration never makes a situation any better, most times it only continues to spiral things even more downhill. Nonetheless, this Gloomy May Day forced me to take a break from my usual busy day-to-day laundry list of things to do and redirect my attention. Thank God for days like these. 


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