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Chicwish Dress :: Sophia Webster Sandals 

Hey Lovelies! What happens when you stumble upon the perfect flamingo pair?!?! You create the prefect Flamingo Frill, duh!!!! I found these stunning heavenly pink flamingo sandals the other day and just went bananas! Aren't they super cute and with spring well into play, I thought about all the fun ways I could pair these cutesy sandals! The sandals have a really cute black suede cross front strap and there's nothing but a flamingo frill frill frill in the back, which I'm assuming represents the essence of  of flamingo's body!! Sophia Webster honestly never disappoints me because her detailing is always on point, like in a majoooorrrr way!!  I often think about where she gets all these crazy ideas, but executing them nothing less than brilliantly! It took a minute for me to decide what I might pair these sandals with, because you guys know however I decided to pair these beauties, they most definitely had to be worthy enough, lol. To keep the "flamingo frill" heat going, I paired my Sophia Webster sandals with this super cute off-the-shoulder dress. If this pair doesn't define perfection, I don't know what can. I love the cohesion these two pieces create and how together they take chic up one level. FYI, if  you have any upcoming spring trips plans, I'm totally gonna suggest a look like this. Easy, fun, chic, and vacay ready! SHHHHHH, I think I just might pack this look for my excursion! ;-)


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