Farewell Summer Sixteen


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Hey Lovelies! I can't believe the time has come and it's now time to say Farewell Summer Sixteen! Though it seemed like summer just began not that long ago, all in all my summer was great! I spent a vast majority of it moving in and decorating my new living space, job transitioning, working tirelessly on myself, my first collection, and foundation. I didn't travel as much as I would normally this summer, but I did see a few great concerts including Formation (TWICE), Summer Sixteen (TWICE), BET Experience, and a few other local artists/bands. FORMATION by far was my favorite. Beyoncé nailed this entire tour with flying colors in my opinion. From her performance, to set design, to costumes, I felt so fulfilled both times once the show ended and in a state of awe. She is inspiration, I mean the type of inspiration that provokes you to want to  build an empire in an day!  I'm not one of the cray-crays that believes she's GOD or anything, but I admire her hardworking drive and work ethic to rise to the top and earn her title as the very best! Simply she is, as was the Formation Tour. The only downside about her stadium tour was the location. Both the Rose Bowl and Dodger Stadiums' were a complete madhouse getting in and out of. Note to self: work butt off to own a helicopter one day to vacate after shows like such, lol. 

If I had to select a favorite moment about this summer, I'd probably say that Summer Sixteen's highlight was my quarterly self-reevaluation. I'm never afraid to admit that I'm constantly growing and reshaping who I am as individual and I'll be honest, there were a few rocky points this summer, but those pivotal moments were necessary in helping me develop into an even better being. My faith and  ability in myself was also put to test. Sure, in some instances, the decision of giving up or throwing in the town might have been the easier choice, but I prevailed against doing so! Every single human being has dreams, and it is up to ourselves to see each dream and every idea through. Never give up on yourself, your ideas, and most importantly, never neglect your dreams! 

Fashion Effect Store  had this fitting two piece in their inventory and sent this just in time for me to say Farewell Summer Sixteen. Imprinted with a perfect lemon print and a cool and breathable material, I'm saying goodbye in just the right fashion! Don't forget to shop their new fall inventory using the code: MSMITH20  because you'll receive 20% off of your purchase! Hoping each you had the best summer yet! See y'all in Autumn ;)


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