FALLing For Pink

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Hey Lovelies! You know there are those people we fall in love with, like over and over and over again – because there’s a constant charm? Or what about that particular hobby that you just can’t seem to let go – because you just absolutely love love love doing it. Or what about a specific food in which you each time you eat it, that savory taste reminds you why you fell in love with the food in the first place? Then there’s that hue, a color you can’t for one moment seem to stop falling for; that’s every shade of pink for me. Here I am, yet again “FALLing For Pink” literally! You might just be thinking, “is she not aware that it’s autumn,” yes guys, I totally am! But what happens when you rummage through your closet, looking for one thing and stumble on this perfectly co’ord set you forgot to wear in the spring and summer months. The dilemma then lies, do you let it go to waste or do you follow you gut, march to you beat, and rock the heck out of it anyway? Well, I think it’s obvious which route I choose, lol. Truthfully, any shade of pink just gets it for me and when it correlates nicely on clothing, I fall more and more for it. If I weren’t the age I am, I’d probably have an entire pink girl-girlish room from ceiling to floor, LOL! However, at some point I’ve gotta draw the line. Since I’m most expressive through my wardrobe statements anyway, I’ll continue defying the fashion rules and wear pink whenever I so choose to do so. I mean what’s really the worst that could happen anyway? They’ll tell me I’m a season or two behind, or they’ll commend me on staying true to myself and expressing myself in the best way I know how, FASHION!

Not sure how I forgot about this super cute set…. Well, that's not entirely true. The truth is there’s literally way too much in my closet and I need to find a few days dedicating to a figuring out what needs to actually still be there versus what needs a new home. In the meantime, I couldn’t resist not rocking this boss babe suit. The matching bodysuit adds the icing on the cake for this look to mean because I’m drench in a color, which is typically not the norm for me. These chucky, decorative sandals had also been hanging out in my closet for a little while as well, so I paired the two together. I’m not sure which one I’m obsessed with more, the pink co’ord set or the decorative, fun sandals. Nevertheless, I most definitely had a ball rocking this look! Moral of this post, stay true to you, and you’ll more than likely always reside in a happy place.


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