Easter 2017

Asos Dress | YSL Clutch  

Hey Lovelies! Happy Easter 2017 to each of you. I'll keep my greetings short, but just wanted to send a friendly reminder that Easter is God's ultimate blessing to the world. It is his way of telling us that, love and hope still exists each and every day. I hope that we all have learned this about Easter and keep this specialness always and forever in our hearts and in our lives.

I saved this dress for this occasion especially. Though after I decided wearing it, I thought to myself, "darn it, this could have totally be the perfect spring wedding dress." So guess what guys, I might just wear this to a wedding this season if I receive an invite and if this darling frock fits the occasion color scheme. Moreover, can we agree, this dress is all that and then some?!? I can't get over how pretty it is. The pop of electric blue in the floral pattern makes me super swoon. Plus, I definitely shocked myself by wearing a maxi dress on Easter day or period. Although I'm pretty over my maxiphobia, there are times I still revert to my short-girl way of thinking and flee from maxi anything. Nonetheless, this dress wasn't getting by, so per usual I gave myself the pep talk and went for it and also per usual I'm always glad I did so. I also love that it was as long as it is on me because I didn't have to stress over wearing the perfect shoes with this dress;  you can barely see that I have a matching nude sandal on that I've had in my closet a few years! Whew! I'm glad that pressure was relieved because you guys know how important Easter shoes can be, lol! To top my look off, I wore my striking blue YSL clutch, which was almost stole the show! I am so in love with this color, it's so pretty! Decided to add more jewelry than usual since it was Easter and all. I'm starting to compulsive in the ring department. Idk, I can't help it these days, I love a bunch of finger candy; my mom thinks I'm nuts! LOL! 

Hoping each of you have the best Easter 2017! Much much much love to you all! 


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