Earthy Tones

Zara Jumpsuit | Aldo Purse | Aldo Sandals

Hey Lovelies! 'EARTHY TONES" were probably the last hues you could ever get me in. Neverhtheless, here I am proudly clothed in a neutral colors on this lovely day. Honestly speaking, I rarely wear earthy tones or neutral colors because they seem quite dull against my skin tone and the old me thought they were just flat out boring. Keep in mind on any given day I'm either brightly colored on monochromatic, there's rarely an in-between. Just so happens that greens, tans, etc. fall into that mid-color category and I've never really have the urge to go style or put together those sorts of colors in any shape or form. When Zara had their sale the other day, I sorta fell in love with this army green jumper. Not sure if it was the style that caught my eye or low price tag that grabbed my attention, either way I was eager to purchase it and figure out what I was going to pair it with. Surely, I knew it had to be dressed up in some fashion to play up the dullness. I thought this statement necklace would be the just what I needed to jazz up my look. Although composed of all earthy tones, I was please with how my necklace popped my look; shiny textures often have that effect. I can't even tell you where I purchased it from because I've had it for so long, but I'm glad I kept it. My sandals are not a pair or meant to go together (they are actually two different tans), but I like the way they ended up complimenting one another. Again, not my favorite color against my skin tone, but I'm really working on this complex I have against wearing nudes. To your eyes it might not appear so, but in my mind, nudes, tans, etc. clash with my pigmentation and almost make me look ashy, lol. Nonetheless, I am trotting along in earthy tones today. Could this mean that I'm evolving! Hope so! Whoohooo!


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