Dress Illusions

Zara Dress Zara Sandals | YSL Bag

Hey Lovelies! Love it when fashion creates illusions, like this DRESS ILLUSION shown here. When I first saw this (what appears to be a dress from the front) from Zara, I was like, "oh, hey what a cute dress," but definitely knew I didn't need it! BUT, when I picked it up off the rack and did a 360 my mindset immediately changed and realized I definitely needed this number in my life! For starters, this dress isn't a dress at all, it's a romper!! The shorts (only seen the backside) are quite clever, so in a blink of an eye, I purchased it! I also really love the cut out slits on the sides of the dress/romper! Definitely a reminder how important it is to keep my body in tip/top shape because pieces like these show things that I might not want seen (yes, I'm referencing FAT), if you know what  mean! Nonetheless, this look reminds me that summer is only but a few short days away and I can't wait. Sandals become espadrilles, summer dresses and rompers make more appearances, and summer colors make their ultimate debut! I'm hoping to see lots more of these dress illusions! Aren't they  fun?! MSsignature

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