Dreamy Spring Floral

Asos Dress | Asos Pumps | YSL Bag 

Hey Lovelies! There's a few ways to my heart and one way in particular is with a dreamy floral print; especially in the spring time when flowers are in a perfect bloom state. For whatever reason, this floral shouts "you can't do better than this" in this "Dreamy Floral Print" because its composed of some of the most beautiful colors. The white undertone is what makes it a pristine dream. Not quite sure how a floral print can get any better than this, but somehow it just does when the cobalt blue stands out the most. You guys just don't even know how elated I was that this was the hue I could potentially dress up. For me, I'm gushing inside with complete overjoy because I finally got to put on these satin beautiful blue pumps I've had in my closet for some YEARS now and work them with this little frock! What a happy girl I am!  What a dream this looked turned out to be, a spring dream!   MSsignature

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