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Chicwish Dress | Aldo Sandals (old) | Aldo Clutch (old)

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Hey Lovelies! Lately I've been on a daisy kick and my closet seems to be advocating for a "Daisy Kind Of Love" lately..  All of sudden my wardrobe went from random floral patterns to mellow yellow daisy prints (a few postings ago). Truthfully speaking, I cannot say that I've always loved daisy prints, but I'm pretty pretty fond of them as of late. I'm incredibly in love with absolutely everything about this dress that's for certain because it's detailed with a bodice made of daisy blossoms and cutout details which is considerably amazing and impressive when critiquing this piece from a structural design viewpoint. Maybe it's the designer in me, but I live for intricate and statement designing such as this. Nonetheless, I know this fabric most likely was constructed like so, but I'm impressed with the shift styling which makes this piece even more sophisticated in my book.

I know that the season for charming prints like this is nearing an end with summer approaching its conclusion. Unfortunately, this piece won't transition into my autumn or winter wardrobe, but I don't foresee me disposing of it either. Though I'm far from a hoarder, one of my favorite pastimes is collecting unique little pieces like these and drawing inspiration from them. Not sure if I stand alone with this opinion, but lately I've been feeling like fashion is becoming more and more unnecessarily complicated which completely sucks especially for those of us that love fashion just because. BUT, since this is the reality nowadays, I can't express to y'all how hard I try to make my style differentiate from other fashion bloggers. While I draw inspiration from almost any and every person, place, or thing, my secret is that I constantly encourage myself to stay true to myself even while there are a gazillion of other young women who might have a similar style to mine. Which when I think about it, I recall seeing a few other bloggers photograph this dress earlier in the spring and summer months. Call me late or after-the-fact or whatever you desire, I'm pretty proud to report that not one blogger wore this look the way I've styled it (patting self on back) and I didn't realize that until I actually went back to look. I styled this look just as I would have with my first instinct (matchy matchy), accessorizing with yellow to play up the pop factor.

As for my daisy loving, its been sweet to fall in love with a more specific flower pattern and embrace that for awhile, but the season for mellow yellows and white is nearing an end, so until next spring and summer..... Farewell my daisy kind of love! :-)MSsignature

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