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 Hey Lovelies! Doesn't it feel absolutely great to be alive?!? I know there are some that did not have that luxury, and as cliché as this might sound, I'm more than happy to be alive to see yet another day. Im grateful to my Lord and savior for allowing me this opportunity and because of his amazing grace, I felt a little compelled to gush about how thankful I am. If you know God the way I do, he requires so little of us, which is to live a "Holy" life. While living a holy life might seem overwhelming or constructed of several rules, I try my absolute best to live by his  laws (commandments). After all, where would I be or how would my life be if  it were not for God's amazing grace. I know that everyday should be a day of this type of reflection and even thanksgiving, but Sundays really help me to realign myself with the type of life God would like for me to live. Sunday is my reflection day; helping me to evaluate how my week went, what I could have done better, what I shouldn't have done, etc. Nevertheless, since today is Sunday, I felt this organza, sunny "daises" dress was picture perfect appropriate for s day such as today - church and brunch.

I don't recollect me ever owning a dress that was made from 100% silk organza. So, I won't lie, this is definitely what attracted to me this little frock. The daises are somewhat faint, so it wasn't until I looked closely to notice that this print was in doubt a daisies print. Regardless, of the abstractness of this print, I completely fell in love with the material of the dress at first sight because of it's super chic details including the black buttons and black bow belt. Also, lately I've noticed I'm really enamored with how shirt dresses fit my physique, and so that was another plus also! Although, I probably should have saved this little number for an afternoon wedding, or tea party, the reality is that I don't have any of those type of events to attend right about now. So church and brunch today seemed like the next best occasion to wear this to... AND, the truth is daisies are pretty special to me. Though, not my absolute favorite, daisies rank pretty high on my list. Daisies are also mentioned several times in the Bible and here's a fun fact, daisies are often alluded to faith. So what's not to love about them? Moreover, what's not to love about this perfect little dress?!? Nothing, obviously, duh!! Happy Sunday Lovas. Be Blessed! ;)


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