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Hey Lovelies! Confession time...... I've had a love/hate relationship with bodycon pieces since the ages of time! For me the problem lies with my weight fluctuation and the gift is ability of my curves being accentuated. I'm quite sure that millions of women can attest to my same love/hate relationship the same way. Nevertheless, today I went for it! Ladies, the more seasoned I get, the more I realize that there's nothing more sexy than embracing sexy - a big part of it is mental and playing the part. Bodycon serves as an outlet to help magnify your sexiness even more.

Wait, what season is it?!?!? I'm also pretty guilty of wearing this summer attire in fall, but the weather surely doesn't feel like the autumnal season yet in Los Angeles. The last few days it's been a whopping 85 degrees and above and the one the thing I despise most is layering in the heat. I unapologetically refuse to dress uncomfortable because the season tells me too. So, I'm welcoming floral into my fall wardrobe; oh and white as well! Though honestly speaking and when I really think about it, I haven't followed the no-white-after-labor-day rule in nearly a decade. Plus, we're barely a week into the fall season, so I hope the fashion critics cut me a little slack today. Moreover, the moral of today's post is to embrace your sexy (bodycon is great way to do so), dress as you feel (don't follow seasonal trends if you're going to be uncomfortable), and throw the fashion rules out the door because they aren't always relevant.  Cheers to feeling good and look even better while doing so!!! 


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