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Hey Lovelies! What makes you happy?!? One of the most competitive spaces in the world is ironically my absolute favorite thing to, BLOGGIN'!! Sure, there's a gazillion and one fashion bloggers in the world; yet only one me (thank goodness)! However, I've honestly been struggling and have been in a complete weird place lately and much of it has to do with not blogging as much as I'd like to!  Due to my stagnant placement as of late, I've been asked (what seems like a trillion times) "what do you want to do ultimately with this blog" or the infamous, "if you could do anything in the world, what would be?" While I'm sure those individuals definitely have my best interest in mind, the truth of the matter is I become slightly irritated when asked that because I'm in the phase of where I'm still trying to figure it all out. AND, if I'm honestly speaking, there's a slew of things I want to do, not just ONE thing forever with my blog. More than anything I want my blog to document all the amazing things I can do; all things ranging from designing to creating! 

Sure, I love fashion and writing which is why I started MADAME SMITH some years ago anyway, but the thought of being confined to this one thing gives imparts anxiety within my existence. I definitely don't wanna just take photos and compose a  few paragraphs to compliment the look each blog post (which I've been completely guilty of), especially when there's a few hundreds of thousands others doing the exact same. BUT, quite frankly, I'm still in the phase of figuring out how to set my blog apart from the million others. Certainly my style is different and even my thoughts, but gaining the attention and driving traffic to MADAMESMITH.COM is the mystery I'm still in pursuit of solving! Though I've been trying to solve this mystery for a few years now lol, I rarely get discouraged from doing the single most important thing I absolutely love most - bloggin'!

This shoot helped place that very mindset into existence and helped me remember why I even blog in the first place! Aside from being surrounded by my favorite color in the entire world, I was able to escape and create art from art! I can't tell you guys how inspired I became from "The Most Famous Artist" latest (at the time) work of art! Because of his "everything pink" masterpiece, I was able to get some cool shots in and create different content than my norm! Surely, this is the single most important tool for a fashion blogger trying to "make it" - consistently, amazing content or so I'm learning.

Stay tuned as I continue to revamp, rebuild,  and unleash my creative outlet fueled by passion, AKA doing what makes me most happy. Today, especially, was just an added bonus because I was able to incorporate my favorite color in the mix! Oh, and it's WEDNESDAY! Did you wear pink!?!  MSsignature

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