Backless & Embroidery

Asos Dress | Asos Pumps | H&M Clutch

Hey Lovelies! When a backless frock meets an embroidery like this one, hurry up and just buy it; for it is rare and it is a very smart and wise purchase! The first time I laid my eyes on this backless & embroidered dress, I was stunned. I'll be completely honest with you guys, I stared for awhile, gazed even longer after that, and eventually clicked a size 4. After a good while, I finally added it to my online shopping cart, after which I starred some moments more. The awe came from how beautiful the detailing, structure, and overall design amazingness going on with it dress. There are literally so many yessssesss happening here, that NO is a long shot away. Looking for the perfect dress for tea, garden party situation, brunch outing, sorority outing, and my list literally could continue on and on and on? Definitely don't have to look much further. Talk about spring perfection? this dress nailed it! Nevermind the level of difficulty in finding a pink shoe to actually match the pink tones in dress. After looking a vast amount of places, I came across these Aldo pumps that have two different pink shades that still didn't match perfectly!  I'm more so now, than ever before, convinced that in some cases that if components in your outfits aren't an exact match, there's no need to plan your funeral, lol! In this case, 99% spectators are more than likely just as stunned as you are with this backless & embroidery details of this dress anyway. I probably should have photographed this one barefoot, it wouldn't have made a big difference!!!!  MSsignature

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