Awaiting Summer

Zara Crop Top | Zara Jean Short Steve Madden Sandals 

Hey Lovelies! I don't mind admitting my flaws, so being bipolar when it comes to the changing of seasons is definitely something I can rarely get in tuned with. With that said, I was so eager to welcome spring and exist happily in my favorite season ever, but now I'm pretty over it and am AWAITING SUMMER! The weather in Los Angeles has been extremely gloomy which almost always happens at the beginning of June. In my opinion, I think this is spring's time to cast some sort of jealously spell on summer, especially knowing that the world's favorite season is a few short weeks away. I probably take this way further than what it really is (just simple June Gloom), but personally this only makes me yearn for summer days even more. It's kimono season ya'll! Everywhere you look, every single (exaggerating) human around is rocking one in some fashion or another! I'm not quite sure how I feel about them all the way if I'm being honest. With swimwear and crop tops I love them, but I've seen a few looks and I can't help think to myself how many of them are too robe-like; like might as well just go shopping in the pajama section and take a pick! LOL! Just joking. I have seen a few from  Zara that I'm actually very crazy about, but then there's the risk of looking like every other person  in LA. For now, I'll keep my kimono wear limited to sunny days and the upcoming summer days until I can adopt the Kimono-layering trend properly into my fashion life! Nonetheless, summer I'm soooo ready for bright, warm, and beautiful you! That is, until autumn comes creeping around!  MSsignature

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