Anti Monday Blues

Asos Dress | Aldo Sandals | Aldo Tote

Hey Lovelies! Surprisingly, my Monday is quite reversed from usual; hooray for an Anti Monday Blues - Monday! Though there's a million things to accomplish today, I'm taking everything in stride and trying a new approach - ONE THING AT A TIME! My typical approach is multitasking and trying to complete a few billions things at the same time, but lately this hasn't worked successfully for me. As a result, I feel like I've been spending way too much time on accomplishing all that I need to do, in addition to feeling insanely out of my element -  disorganized, flustered, and overwhelmed. I guess this reminder shows me that I'm not the super human I often times think I am. And let me tell you, tt's a gift and terrible curse to be a perfectionist, especially when you struggle with letting go (I just haven't grasped this concept all the way). Nonetheless, in starting this new week and putting my new tune to test, Monday doesn't have me feeling blues at all. In relation to this dress, here's an abstract blue floral print, but the blue doesn't stand out as much to me  as the abstractness of the print does (I'm choosing to see the abstract more over the blue). Call it farfetched, but this is my beacon of hope and I hope changing my mindset will help with transforming my life to a better place! Not everything, always, has to remain in the same cycle. Which is why I decided to break my "I HATE MONDAY, MONDAY SUCKS, CAN IT BE FRIDAY, AGAIN" weekly mentality. Hoping each of you also had Anti Monday Blues today, and will continue to do so the rest of the week! Cheers to new attitudes and allowing your thoughts to become grand things! MSsignature

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