Another Floral Situation

Lola Shoetique Co-ord Set | Aldo Pumps | Aldo Tote

Hey Lovelies! Sorry in advance, but this post is yet ANOTHER FLORAL SITUATION! I think I've finally figured it out, I'm a magnet to floral or perhaps its the other way around. Whichever way it is, it we go together like peanut butter and jelly. Well, nevermind, I'm allergic, lol! I guess what I'm trying to say is that yes, ANOTHER FRIGGEN FLORAL MATCHY MATCHY SITUATION because Floral is super addicting and I can't stay away from it! Nonetheless, this floral set comes from one of my favorite places, LOLA SHOETIQUE. Perfect for summer, right!?!

Speaking of which, how's you guys summer been thus far? Mine? Completely not at all like my normal summer routines. For starters, I haven't traveled as much as I usually do. The adventure in my life has been pretty minimal to be honest. There's been quite a bit of transitions happening in my life, so I've had to channel my energy into adjusting as well as working diligently on some very important projects. I am grateful for the two Puerto Rico visits I've had this summer nevertheless. OOOOOO! In two weeks I'll be traveling to a destination that's been on my bucket list since the beginning of time and I'm pretty pretty pretty darn excited! I think it's about time that I start vlogging or at least taking time to share photos on here, so be on the lookout! Oh, and I've already begun putting together my outfits, and yes, so many floral situations! MSsignature

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