Valentine's Day For Singles


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Hey Lovelies! With Valentine's Day around the corner, tis' the season of overload heart everythang! Haha,  but seriously, please kindly allow me to be pretty darn extra for the next couple of days. I'm already pretty lovey dovey towards family and friends on a daily basis, and when I wasn't a single gal, I was definitely a romantic mush 24/7. I guess I just can't help it, God created me this way. I don't too much mind it, but I will admit that by having a super duper huge heart, I've experienced my share of heartaches and disappointments. But, eh, such is life!

So what does a single person do on this international two-persona holiday!?!? I can think of a ton of things. Ladies and Gents, by all means should you be sitting at home stuffing your face with ice cream watching sappy rom-coms (romantic comedies). Well, on second thought, I may indulge on a romantic comedy marathon this weekend, but I'll binge on kale chips instead of  ice cream, lol. Be that as it may, there are so many things you can do in substitution of been swept off your feet by someone else. And if you just experience that "being carried away" feeling, go and sweep yourself off your own feet!! How might one do this you might ask? For starters, schedule a spa day by treating yourself to much needed pampering and relaxation. Take yourself out to lunch. Have a movie date with yourself! Partake in a shopping spree. Why? Because you deserve it whether or not you have a special someone in your life. Plus, being single isn't all that bad. You're allowed to have a million and one crushes on anyone you please! When you're tied down, you can easily get crucified for merely looking in the direction of another good looking specimen (opppss, or maybe that was just the relationship I used to be in, lol). But in all seriousness, don't let the pressures of Valentine's Day put you in a depressed state if you're single. And pleaseeeee  do not sulk in your own misery and sadness. Valentine's Day for singles is not that big of deal, because in all honesty, Valentine's Day should really be acknowledge every single!!! Celebrate your singleness by celebrating you and GO CARPE  DIEM the heck out of this day! 


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