The Vest Dress

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Thrift Store Men's vest :: Lola Shoetique sandals :: Forever 21 messenger bag :: Prada sunnies

Hey Lovelies! I love when my creativity flows, because more times than not, I'm super pleased with the outcome. The other day I did something I usually don't do which is rummage through a random thrift store. Now let's get something straight, I have nothing against thrift stores in general, but I think I lack the necessary patience needed to find what most would consider "awesome finds". Nevertheless, I set out on this amazing journey to find a oversize man's vest so that I could transform it into a women's vest dress! It may have been a lot more cost effective if I would have just purchased the material and designed it myself, however, I definitely enjoyed the hunt of finding a man's vest that I could actually tailor to my body. And to be 100% honest, I absolutely loved the overall process in itself. I actually needed this project to get me creatively thinking again, which is the beauty of fashion; you're always able to create something super amazing simply out of nothing, especially when those random ideas come along! The biggest challenge with my DIY project was tailoring the vest to fit and flatter my curves. Though, this was nothing short of an easy task, I'm more than satisfied with my recreation of  "the vest dress".  I accessorized this look with my favorite sunnies and sandals right now about now (yep, I know they've been on repeat lately, lol) just to add the perfect finishing touches....

As a side note, I've really grown impeccably fond of the influence of menswear on womenswear, especially as of late. Fashion has coined this genre into "The Evolution of Womenswear into Menswear" as we saw last year some time. And while I know many people were a little indifferent about designers incorporating blurred gender codes in their lines, I was one who begged to differ because I'm totally digging the redefinition of masculinity in womenswear and how menswear aesthetics actually have this strange way of complimenting feminine silhouettes.


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