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Spring Forward With Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals x Spring1 Adidas Originals x Spring2

Adidas Track Jacket :: Adidas Leggings  :: Adidas Tennis Shoes 

Hey Lovelies! Spring is very near, which makes me happier than happy. Plus, you guys know what that means, right?!? Not only am I transitioning my day-to-day wardrobe pieces, but my activewear pieces will also change. Now I know...

Basic Just Won't Do

BasicJustWontDo1 BasicJustWontDo2 BasicJustWontDo3

H&M shirt :: Cotton-on Leggings :: Adidas Superstar Supercolor Tennis Shoes

Hey Lovelies!  I love when I come across an article of clothing that portrays a positive message! I believe in saturating my life in positive everything, and although this can be a hard task at times, I know...

#madamesmith2016 - Valentine's Day 2016


Hey Lovelies! I'll keep it short, sweet, and to the point, but we all know that there's no other day like Valentine's Day that reminds single people just how single they are, lol. And while "Galentine's Day" and "Singles Awareness Day" are all good and dandy, there's no reason to feel an unnecessary shame on being single for Valentine's Day. Sure, it's nice to wake up to a dozen or more roses and whatever material gestures or sentiments that are usually exchanged for the day. But, if that doesn't happen, there's no need...

Adidas Women's Originals - Toucan Print

Mirina Collections

Mirina Collections

Hey Lovelies! Say hello to one of the newest Mirina Collection Girls'!!! Who's Mirina Collections you might ask?!?! Well let me tell you guys, you're definitely going to fall head over heels in love with this jewelry collection especially if  you live for an amazing statement piece or two or high fashion jewelry period.  Head over to ASAP to see exactly what I'm talking about!!! Before I forget, the number one reason I love all these statement necklaces are because they are...