Street Style - Winter 2016


House of Chic Coat :: Forever 21 Jeans :: Calvin Klein Bralette :: Calvin Klein Bikini :: Sophia Webster Sandals :: Dior Sunnies :: Asos Oversized Fedora

Hey Lovelies! Ever had the impulse to step outside your comfort zone? Well indeed, this is exactly what happened here with this look. Sure, Los Angeles has had several colder days than usual, so I'm definitely loving the fact that I can wear my oversized coats from time to time. But, surely there are days like these that the chill factor is certainly there with the sun slightly making an appearance. Well as per a case like this, I went a little opposite of playing it safe, applied my lifestyle motto to my fashion sense and did a little "CARPE DIEM" aka seizing of the day! Without a doubt there's much going here with this "Street Style - Winter 2016" I've concocted here but sometimes the norm gets a little boring and repetitive. When I feel like my style becomes that way, I go on an impulse and make it a mission to throw you guys a curveball.  Now, I can't really categorize what genre this look might be classified as, but there's without a question femininity mixed with masculinity! 

Let's get to it, shall we?!? If I'm being completely honest, I've always wanted to shoot that typical "Calvin Klein" clichéd photo you've seen every blogger execute. BUT, honestly I've always talked myself out of shooting that look for that very reason; because everyone has done it. Nonetheless, when I saw these distressed, patchwork, boyfriend jeans I instantly thought that this could be an opportunity for me to finally dust the cobwebs off my CK set (over-exaggerating of course, but I did pop the tags, lol) and have them make an appearance with this look. Since it's technically winter, I knew I couldn't just walk the streets in the distressed jeans and CK set, adding my favorite red and black oversized coat would make the look a little more seasonal appropriate. However, I still wasn't satisfied and went the extra mile, or maybe just EXTRA by adding my fave fedora, lol! So, I guess the moral of this look is as follows -  sometimes going on an impulse, pairing a slew of random mismatch pieces together, and Carpe Diem can create a pretty awesome street style look! 


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