Street Style - Leopard & Black

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H&M biker jacket :: H&M crop top :: Forever 21 shorts :: Lola Shoetique Sandals :: Quay Australia sunnies 

Hey Lovelies! Since FALL weather is still and being quite stubborn and hasn't decided to grace us with its presence yet here Los Angeles, I'm desperately piecing together summer left overs. I mean am I seriously expected to layer and whatnot in 80 degree weather???? I'm all for keeping up with the seasons and dressing "season appropriate" but, come on, not when uncomfortable becomes a factor. Whats even worse is that I really kinda prepared for autumn this year by purchasing some really nice layering pieces and have some really cool fall wear and looks to share with you guys, so I'm kinda praying it begins to cool down really soon so that I can share them with you guys. I wouldn't want fall to come and go and I'm stuck with a bunch of items that I didn't have the chance to wear, share, or blog! LOL! Nevertheless, when life hands you lemons, only thing I know to do is make that lemonade! So, ummmm, I guess street style is my lemonade in this case, lol... 

What's your street style? Street style for me can be an array of looks but summed up in a nutshell, it is a type of fashion that is completely personal to you. Your personal street style is something that really displays who you are and what your personality is, by incorporating trendy and cool.  A lot of my street style posts are pretty repetitive much like this "leopard & black" look, and that's because I stay within my comfort zone and true to myself. I also tend to have moments where I'll examine my closet which primarily shows me whats lingering in there, but also allows me to mix and match depending on my mood. From my experience and especially since I decided to blog, I've learned that it can be a good idea to mix up your street style options. Depending on your mood, you'll go for casual and comfortable, and in other moments, you'll go for adventurous and bold, but whatever mood you're in, it's important to wear what you feel most comfortable in. I'm also pretty guilty for looking to magazines, social media, and people watch for inspiration because sometimes I'll have brain freezes and lack my own creativity or I get tired of the same things over and over. There's nothing wrong with browsing or looking to other sources for inspiration. However, the key is to add your twist and creativity and make the look your own. Lastly, as I've done with my "Street Style - Leopard & Black" look, the most important factor to street style, style, fashion, and life in general is to remain absolutely true to yourself. In all thy ways, always be yourself. I really dislike seeing pretentious street style, style, fashion, people, etc..  So avoid that, and be true to you!  MSsignature

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