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Balmain x H&M shirt :: H&M skirt (old) :: Lola Shoetique OTK :: Dior Sunnies :: Aldo clutch (old)

Hey Lovelies!! So typically there's this rule of thumb that short girls should not wear over-the-knee (OTK) boots and personally being a short girl myself, I've never had the best of luck finding the right boot for my frame or height. I've secretly always been a little jealy (ok, a lot of jealous) for those whom have been blessed with lengthy brims. However, another Fall season is in full effect and go figure, one of the top trends this season is over-the-knee boots! So...... Am I suppose to neglect all the cute OTK boots this season just because there's this dumb height challenge rule and supposedly unspoken "no-no" to short stature girls? I mean seriously, if  all of us who struggle from short girl syndrome really obeyed every fashion rule, we'd definitely be isolated from several styles and trends. But, guess what guys!?!? I'm here to tell you to screw those stupid rules! Who created these nonsensical "rules" anyway? Quite frankly I went against the grain on this one, broke some fashion rules, and will probably receive some criticism, BUT I confidently wore these bad boy OTK boots and there are no apologies here! I refuse to let anything limit my creative expression and neither should you all!

Pairing my laser-cut-out-over-the-knee boots was soooooooooooo much fun! I knew I had to add a funky twist to accommodate their vixen-esque vibe, so I went with my favorite bright, flow-ish skirt and Balmain x H&M tee. Because of my height, I felt like it was important to distract the length of my legs (or lack thereof) so adding a bright color, pleated skirt accomplished just that. To all my short gals, there are definitely ways to break and bend those fashion rules and whatnot. Don't get too caught up in listening to what everyone recommends. Go with how you feel!

On another note, I have yet to discuss. review, and share the goodies I scored from the Balmain x H&M November 5th release, but get ready because I'm about to overkill y'all with some of the pieces I purchased that day. Did anyone else weather that storm? If so,what did you guys get and how was your overall experience!?!? I'd love to hear your stories! My experience was surprisingly not too bad so I'll share a post about it really soon.. Happy Friday my loves! 


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