Orio Christmas 2015

Hey Lovelies!! In the short time of me blogging, I've become extremely fond of photography, well I'll be honest, I'm obsessed! I'm not really surprised about this new obsession because photography and blogging pretty much go hand in hand anyway. So when some of my best pals asked me to shoot their Christmas photos this year, I was super elated! It was a bit of role reversal obviously, but I was able to implement the little I've learned from Darrell (my photographer) with angles, poses, etc. to capture some candid shots for these guys.   

Without further ado, meet the "ORIOS" -  KAREEM, SHAHIDA, & AMAYA! You may remember their first appearance on my blog last year (see here), but I was solely the designer of this shoot. Looking back and reminiscing on that post from last Christmas definitely gives me the itch to get back to the drawing board really soon. Nevertheless, although I didn't coordinate or design their looks this year, I had a blast shooting their photos for their "Orio Christmas 2015" memorabilia! Btw, I've never taken on a challenge of such and I'll be honest, shooting them was the third time I'd ever even touched my DSLR camera. The feeling of being in full control of my pricey toy and actually nailing some pretty awesome shots gave me a little confidence to possibly pursue yet another creative hobby! 

OrioChristmas2015-0OrioChristmas2015-1 OrioChristmas2015-14OrioChristmas2015-9Talk about the cutest family you ever met.....!!!! These guys are some of my favorite people in the world! Not only do they photograph nicely, they're actually some of the nicest people I've ever met! I frequently tell them that I love how they love one another whole-heartedly. I love their family togetherness, and I've learned so much about family building, bonding, etc. from just seeing them grow throughout the years. I've jotted a few notes down here and there, so when the time comes for me to start my little family, I've definitely been blessed with friends who've set nothing short of a great example! In addition, the genuineness captured above isn't for image or illustration sake, they are actually like this 100% of the time. #rare #loveit #lovethem #thatsmybestfriends #youbetter

OrioChristmas2015-15Aren't they adorbs!?! I won't tell their life story, but I witnessed these two become one five and a half years ago! I've enjoyed seeing them grow stronger together as a unit during these years, and can't wait to see where life takes them! I know that together and with God's grace they will always accomplish and achieve all and what their desires are! #teamkoandshaforevaeva


OrioChristmas2015-8 I love Shahida's bond with her daughter, Amaya. She's done such a terrific job raising her! Because of  Sha's hard work, Amaya is super smart, polite, and the most meticulous four-year-old kid you ever experienced. Watching them interact is more like a real-life episode of  "best friends". Although Amaya has much respect for her mom, their bond is more like a very best friendship one human being could have with another human. Amaya's "mommy or ma-ma" is her world and I'm sure Sha would argue the same sentiments for her daughter. 


 AMAYA, MAYA, MY, or AMAYA PAPAYA, my four year-old god-daughter is truly something amazingly special! She's been my little heart-string since her entrance into the world and we've been rocking tough for the last four years. I'm pretty sure if she wasn't an hour flight away, we'd be inseparable, but whenever we're together it's always a good time! Watching her grow and being apart of her life has been a consistent highlight of my life and will continue to be so. Shooting her was also so much fun, look at how photogenic she is!!!!! 

Loved this experience all in all! I'm so looking forward to shooting more often in 2016. Like with anything else, I believe the more I shoot and practice, the better I'll get (any volunteers?!?). Plus, I can't let my toy go to waste any longer. So, what should we call my photography business?!? Madame Smith Photography, lol! =-)


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