Mirina Collections

Mirina Collections

Hey Lovelies! Say hello to one of the newest Mirina Collection Girls'!!! Who's Mirina Collections you might ask?!?! Well let me tell you guys, you're definitely going to fall head over heels in love with this jewelry collection especially if  you live for an amazing statement piece or two or high fashion jewelry period.  Head over to www.mirinacollections.com ASAP to see exactly what I'm talking about!!! Before I forget, the number one reason I love all these statement necklaces are because they are HAND MADE!!! How amazingly awesome is that!?!  I also like that Mirina Collections  is different from most jewelry houses because they create their designs from start to finish in the heart of Manhattan on 47th street at their Design Warehouse. Did you know that most jewelry stores receive their designs from overseas allowing them to keep their prices at a minimum?!?! However, at Mirina Collections they focus their energy on their customers receiving a true 'made to order' experience right in the fashion capital of the USA, New York City. Their designs come to life by being inspired by the roman empires and the queens that once ruled the world. Travel is their inspiration and New York City is their home. Their goal is to have each design tell a different story from the various cultures and history our world offers today, as well as receive a one on one experience with their made to order designs. So, in case you're wondering if the pieces are worth the amount they are priced for, they most certainly are!! If you're interested in making a purchase, use my site-wide coupon code "madamesmith" and receive 20% off your entire purchase!! Happy shopping my loves!!! 


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