MCM - Travel Essentials


MCM Dual Stark Backpack :: MCM Passport Holder :: MCM Wallet

Hey Lovelies! Hope you guys are having a more than awesome New Year thus far! I can certainly attest and proclaim that my New Year is starting out pretty darn groovy!! I'm on the up and up and I don't foresee that changing any time soon. Over the Holidays I was gifted with this amazingly awesome MCM - Travel Essentials set. My friends and most who've acquainted themselves with me know I'm pretty obsessed with the color scheme black & gold/ gold & black and most also know that I'm extremely fond of traveling as well. So, I'm sure you guys can all imagine how elatedI was to receive something that suited me so perfectly. I can't express enough to the team whom gifted me with such an overly thoughtful set how appreciative I am. I about incorporating of few of my favorite things in one, right?!! Much much love because I'm totally using these items as my new  "MCM - Travel Essentials" Set. 

 This particular collection from MCM known as " Color Visetos", is all about form meeting function. Printed with the label's instantly recognizable monogram, I am so in love with the high-shine metallic gold coating. It's semi flashy which might have been the only reason to stop me from purchasing it, had I done so myself. But, this is also what makes this set especially attractive. The backpack size is a medium and it is extremely spacious with several compartments. How convenient and practical is that  for someone who micro-organizes everything (I really can't help this OCD trait, trust me I've tried therapy...) like me!?!?! Love that the passport holder has several compartment also, making it effortless to organize IDs, credit cards, etc. The wallet is a size large and will probably become my everyday wallet even when I'm not traveling! So not to worry, I'm going to get plenty of use out these three items! Thank you once more to the thoughtful team who sent me this, know that I appreciate you all immensely and I am forever grateful! 


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