#madamesmith2016 - You, Yourself, and You


Hey Lovelies! Isn't it such an awesome idea to know that changing the world simply lies within us. The fact that we as individuals have that ability is truly nothing short of amazing, I think...... I didn't always know that this was possible especially since no one specifically taught me this concept. However, experiencing countless adversities in life, reading many motivational, self-improvement, and manifestation literature, there seemed to be a reoccurring theme stemming from two Mahatma Gandhi quotes, "you must be the change you want to see in the world" and "as human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves."

Often times we human beings are brainwashed into thinking that we are not in control of our world. We are manipulated into believing that we have to be "this way or that way" or we have to "live like this or that" or "do this or that". Says who, what, where, and why??? I may not have all the "right" answers, but this I know to be true; being yourself, being true to yourself, and creating the best version of you can only mean that your contribution alone is already changing the world.

Be yourself. We all know the infamous Oscar Wilde saying, "be yourself. everyone else is taken." AND... I kinda have to agree with the brilliance of this quote. Truly, you were created the way you are for a specific reason. Being yourself isn't always easy, and to be honest, it isn't the easiest to learn. But once you do, I promise there's no other person you'd probably rather be than yourself. Sure, some of us never learned how to be ourselves in our younger years due to a lack of instruction or guidance, but I've learned that being yourself actually means years of work undoing trying to be someone else! Ever think about why so many people drop out of college or change career paths or goals several times? Like seriously? Nine times out of ten it is because they sought a path that they thought they wanted but only because they saw someone else doing it. Nevertheless, because they weren't true to themselves, they continued changing paths until deciding which one was for them. Trust me, I've definitely been a victim of this more than once, so I know that to be true as well. I honestly thought the journey of life was about trying to figure myself out, finding out who I "really" am, and  other enlightening things taught by the Bible and various brilliant philosophers. Though each of us is a product of our environment, being yourself can be achieved when we stop trying to be other people and stop caring what other people think. I know, I know. Definitely easier said than done and believe you me, it personally took me several lessons learned and well over two decades to get it, but there's no other person I'd rather be than who God created me as! And you know, I love her more than anyone else I've ever tried to be. 

Be true to yourself. We know this concept as acting in accordance with who you are and what you believe. However, in order to get to this point, one must know and love yourself first which in return  makes being true to yourself extremely effortless. Learning to be true to myself was another long road I traveled until actually grasping what this concept meant and how impertinent it was and is to my life. Of course, there was always constant reminders aka Shakespeare, "to thine own self be true," or various influences constantly reminding me to be true to myself.... But, believe this when I say it, YOU CANNOT BE TRUE TO ANYONE ELSE UNTIL YOU ARE TRUE TO YOURSELF!!!!! This comes with being who you are and loving the you-know-what out of that person (aka - YOU). It also takes courage to accept yourself as you are and not what others advise you to be. For example, you'll witness so many young folks doing things to please their peers, such as behaving appropriately, drinking, smoking, etc. just to become popular and liked. But, what's usually the result of that are unwanted consequences. Point being, when you do things that are not genuine or a reflection of the real you, the end result will leave you in a state of unhappiness and confusion. Being true to yourself comes from respecting who you are. When you respect yourself, others will respect you. When you love yourself, as will others. When you are true to yourself, you allow your individuality and uniqueness to shine through so radiantly. This doesn't mean you won't respect the opinions of others, but I can guarantee you won't necessarily conform to expectations of others either. I've learned that being true to the very best that is in me and living my life consistent with my highest aspirations and values has already helped me change the world because somehow I am unconsciously  inflicting the best of me to those around which in return broadens the experiences and perspectives of everyone else. 

Create the best version of you. Creating the best version of yourself does not only benefit you but it also benefits those around you. Sure, everyone may want to become the best version of themselves, but reality is, very few actually even make strides to do so. In constantly trying to create the best version of myself, I failed a couple times  because I was my own worst enemy. My mindset blocked me from achieving success, chasing my dreams, and living a life of fulfilling my passion and purpose. I was self-destructive and wasn't even conscious of that fact. I also lacked the necessary knowledge and tools to help me improve. It wasn't taught to me or ingrained in my mindset growing up, but I didn't make that the reason for me not ever seeking to reach the point of me learning how to create the best version of me. Nonetheless, when I changed my frame of thinking, stopped the negative "self-talk", stopped criticizing and judging others, let go the fear of failure, let go the fear of being successful, stopped people pleasing, and stopped procrastinating , I noticed a big difference in my life. Surely, the same things I turned around were the same essentials I needed all along to create the best version of me. Once I started to change these things and embarked on the journey of recreating a better self, others noticed the change and it started to rub off  on them. This is why creating the best version of yourself is so important because those around begin to notice this amazing change which eventually transmits to the next person and then the next!  



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