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Madame Smith Collection Crop Top :: Madame Smith Collection Skirt

Hey Lovelies! As many of you already know, my first love has always been fashion. I take great joy in expressing myself  via the clothes I wear. When I was a little girl, I always proclaimed that I wanted to make clothes. Playing "dress up" was my single most favorite thing to do; either by myself or with my doll and barbie "friends." My mom always said that I preferred to sit and watch the other kids play during recess-time time to avoid getting my outfit wrinkled or dirty (not very much has changed either, lol). Although that may be considered strange behavior for a little girl aged at four, the reality of it is that I've always taken great pride in my personal presentation. Obviously at age four, those weren't my clear intentions, but I clearly recognize that now. Once transitioning from grade school into middle/high school, I learned to doodle clothing outlines and would do so on the backs of  my homework sheets or inside borrowed school textbooks. When the time came for me attend college and begin deciding what career path I'd take, I was influenced by (parent guidance) to attend a traditional "University." At that time, I was ok with that. I declared two majors and a minor and breezed right through those undergrad years. I graduated with honors and sought out looking for a job which lead me to finding something pretty good.

Nonetheless, something was still missing. I was actually pretty bored with life, so I enrolled in a MBA program. Honestly, that was for the heck of it. Don't get me wrong, I value everything about higher education, but for me, it was something just to do because I knew I would excel at it. I also graduated with honors and earned my MBA in two years. Those years flew by way too quickly and in a short time span, I had reached boredom once more. After much soul searching and reading countless self-help/improvement literature, I reached an "a-ha" moment which was something I didn't even know I needed. Sure, I had hobbies to consume my time, people to spend time with, and places to go, but none of things quite gave me the satisfaction I yearned for. A friend of mine encouraged me to start a blog for documentation purposes. I can never thank that person enough because that idea helped me develop what is now the "MADAME SMITH " brand. My blog aided me into the realization of how much I love fashion and design. In a short few weeks, I will be able to share with the world, my very first COLLECTION; something I've worked immensely hard on and for a couple of years. The time is now, and I'm in full pursuit to Carpe Diem this venture full out! Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to my first signature design from the Madame Smith Collection SS16 which will be available for purchase! Be sure to look out for the launch in a few short weeks!!!! MSsignature

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