Ladies First


Chicwish Skirt :: Forever21 Crop Top :: Nordstrom Faux Fur Stole :: Lola Shoetique Sandals

Hey Lovelies! Have you ever wondered the origins of the term "Ladies First"!? After purchasing this shirt, I felt that it was more than necessary for me to research where this term came from. To my findings, there were about four different theories ranging from war, women and children, religion, and chivalry. However, I did come across this joke about the term. There were two lovers on a mountain who decided to commit suicide for not being able to be together. The man said, I can't bare to see you die first my love so I shall jump first." She replied, "jump my love and I will follow you so we can live together in eternity." Surely enough, the man jumped but after seeing the horrific graphic of death, the woman had a change in heart and decided its best she shouldn't jump and walked away, thus the term, "Ladies First" arose! Regardless of where the actual origin of "Ladies First" derives from, today it is seen as an etiquette approach that a gentleman always says "Ladies First" as a symbol of respect and a reflection of his reputable characteristics. Though in this day in age, this concept for the most part has nearly become obsolete, there are some pretty decent guys who still practice good manners (so grateful for the few I'm acquainted with)!

Dressing up this simple graphic tee was almost necessary seeming how we just chatted about courtesy, manners, and all. This pleated midi is just what I had in mind  when creating this look - something classy with a little bit of sass (pretty much sums me up). The color block within the pleats in the skirt is definitely my favorite detail. Today wasn't too cold, so I went with a sandal instead of pump and I'm satisfied with how the accessories compliment the ladylike vibes of this look. Threw my stole on just for a slight more pizzazz!! On another note, just because temperatures have decreased doesn't mean I'm in not way shape or form planning to put my favorite skirt and top style down. My closet still consists of several midi skirts and crop tops! There are plenty of ways to style midi skirts and crop tops in the winter. Faux stoles, vests and jackets are a good way to make those pieces seasonally appropriate and they also add a nice boost to them! 


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