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Hey Lovelies! Isn't it crazy that we're living in times that no longer require strenuous hard work in making a claim to fame? What's this new obsession about anyway one might wonder? Well, to my understanding, it is known as "Instafame" or being "Instafamous" and it is the process of an individual not requiring talent to be recognized as famous. Interestingly enough, a pet, place, or thing can be considered instafamous. In this new social media fame, obtaining  "likes" are above anything else, which are something like a social currency. In much simpler terms, when you're noted as "instafamous" you're basically a self-made micro-celebrity, known for your work on the internet. 

When I found this shirt at Cotton-On, I chuckled to myself because the phenomenon has become so widespread. Imagine that, you can literally advertise your internet fame or "instafame" status on a graphic tshirt. Now, by all means I would not consider myself  "Instafamous,"  so I guess I'm false advertising, lol. However, since blogging I've learned that for some individuals it can happen overnight and for others it takes lots of work to reach the instafamous status quo. I've been blogging for a few years now and I'm stilling laying the foundation to reach the success I'm aiming to accomplish with this endeavor. I honestly put my all in all,  my heart and soul, and blood, sweat, and tears into each look I share and each blog post I write. Each outfit, hairstyle, makeup look,  to location is strategic well before time. I put so much into this because I love what I do and whether or not I reach that "instafame" rank overnight or not, I'll continue to keep doing what I do because this is my passion. Life has taught me that it is important to do what you love and what brings happiness into your life, otherwise you'll have a bunch of regrets and always feel disappointed, Even if you don't get the recognition you feel like you deserve immediately, remember why you do what you do and keep doing it! 

Ps: When I think back to how/when fashion bloggers started doing this  whole blogging thing, I find it incredibly interesting to how they even made their claim to fame before Instagram existed. Gratefully enough, I'm in the times where I have this social media platform to help draw attention to my blog which indirectly positions me on the road to one day claiming my "instafamous" rank! LOL :-)


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