Fries Before Guys



Topshop tee ::  Wet Seal mini skirt :: Urban OG crossbody :: Adidas Superstar :: Prada sunnies 

Hey Lovelies! When life hands you lemons, some say make lemonade. When it comes to guys, always choose the carb, it' s always so much more satisfying! LOL, totally kidding. However, I couldn't resist this shirt the other day in TopShop. To be a little frank, sometimes fries are a lot less of a headache. Sure, pounds may be gained, but there's nothing like that salty fix every once in a while. I had no idea what I was going to pair this tee with, but I knew that I wanted this look to be pretty darn awesome. I searched and searched to find a suiting accessory for this look, so when I found the french fries shaped cross-body, I was overly elated. In other news, its been a long time since I've owned a denim mini, but the other day I randomly went to Wet Seal searching for something else and I found it on sale. Initially, I figured I'd save this mini for a look for the beginning Autumn months because it's still going to be pretty hot per usual So Cal weather. BUT, I really like the contrast of this shade denim against my pristine white tee and superstars, so I went for it. All in all, I felt like I was high school all over again pulling this look off, which I must admit isn't such a negative thing, right?!? I love that I still can embrace my youthful side whenever I want. Actually, contrary to the years that have passed since my high school commencement, I actually look pretty identical to my H.S. days, same weight and everything. I was pretty lucky back then, in that I probably wouldn't have chosen fries before guys. I only had one boyfriend in high school, which was the ultimate, clichéd high school sweetheart situation! Sweetest and most attentive high school young man ever, his parents most definitely raised him in the right manner. However, as for the present, idk, I'm a little on the fence. I'd maybe go with fries, lol!!! Team #friesbeforeguys!


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