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Chicwish dress :: Steve Madden sandals :: Forever 21 satchel :: Dior Sunnies

Hey Lovelies and a blessed Sunday to each of you! I'm pretty sure by now a lot of you guys are well aware of my never-ending love affair with floral prints, or prints in general, so I'll spare you all that entire rant today. However, once receiving this rose print midi dress, I really wanted to think outside the box and make this look different from my previous floral posts. This flirty fleurs rose print and the midi design of the dress made me feel like I traveled back into time, perhaps to the decade of the 1950s. Truly, I am a life long fan of the '50s because of the undeniably ladylike style of that decade. If time travel were real, that would definitely be my first decade of choice to travel back to. I mean who wouldn't want to witness what fashion truly was like during that time? But, I think we bloggers do a pretty accurate job of interpreting the '50s as best as we can. Personally speaking, I never try to intentionally depict 50s' fashion because I'd prefer to look like this everyday if I could anyway, lol. I love embracing my ladylike side so that includes wearing a-line skirts and dresses, fit-flares, and midis. These styles always feel most natural to me. 

RED! I can honestly say that red has never failed me. Although I rarely wear it, but when I do, I'm never left dissatisfied. You may be wondering what provoked me to accessorize with red? Blood red specifically, by far, is only like the best way to make black and white pop in my opinion. Red has this unknown power unbeknownst to the fashion word that gives black and white that perfect spice. In fact, you really can't blame the prevailing pairing because for starters it just looks absolutely incredible, and secondly it creates this showstopper vibe (hint hint, here's another one of my fashion secret weapons)! So, I stuck to my guns, and accessorized with red which brilliantly created the look I was aiming for. When I wear or pair with red, typically I want to convey one of three things - a look that of sexy, I'm feeling dominant, or aiming to be charismatic. But in this case, I'm loving how red transformed my look into something more flirty.

Overall, I am very pleased with how this look came together. In spite of the fact that this look is definitely my archetype, incorporating red allotted me a different twist this go around which is what I've honestly been working extremely hard to display with my blog this year. I believe that you can stay true to your preferred style while adding creative twists here and there that you wouldn't ordinarily. By doing this from time to time, your looks aren't so repetitive, which is what we should on all occasions aim for! 


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