Faux Fur Accents


Cotton-On Dress :: Vintage Wool Coat :: Top Shop Sandals :: Nordstrom Stole :: Target  Faux Fur Hat :: Prada Sunnies

Hey Lovelies! As most of you probably know, wintertime in Los Angeles rarely  gets "winter-ish", if that makes any sense. As a native Cali girl, I am quite impressed with some of the colder days we've seen in both northern and southern California this winter, but they are scattered, bipolar, and rare. In times like these, I get the urge to move to the East Coast  just to experience "true seasons",  and then I talk myself out doing so every single time the opportunity presents itself. Perhaps those thoughts quickly get discarded  when I think about how awesome this state is. I mean where else can I find consistently beautiful weather overall and endless resources and opportunities? I may sound slightly closed-minded here, but I can't fathom living elsewhere (unless in Europe). Plus, that's what traveling is for anyway, right?!?  

Nevertheless, there's only about a month left of winter, so I'm trying to make the most out of my winter pieces, especially my faux fur accents and winter coats. I really love this look because it is comprised of a several inexpensive faux fur pieces which were pretty relevant in fall and in this current winter. The faux fur stole among all faux fur accents was my favorite this season because it glamorizes almost every look. Well, of course accessorized in the proper manner. I was pretty fond of faux fur bags, more specifically clutches. I love how it has the ability to give almost any look a chic statement. In addition to those faux fur accents, since I already had the faux fur hat and chunky sandals in my wardrobe, I decided to be EXTRA and add those to my winter look. So, in making the best out of my last winter weeks, I can definitely reminisce back to this look smiling and shaking my head, knowing that I probably belonged in 0 below degree weather, but instead rocked my faux fur accents and winter coat on a somewhat nice 40° day! ;)


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