Fall Watercolors

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Hey Lovelies! Nothing warms my heart more than a floral print. Floral never really gets old to me, no matter what season we're in, and the more I blog, the more I'm starting to realize how much I definitely stay true to myself. Sometimes in fashion, we'll often times get so caught up in current trends and somehow loose our authenticity and originality. However, there's something about my style that leads me back to my true loves - floral prints and a-line skirts and dresses.

I was so enamored with this floral print especially because it truly reminded me of fall watercolors. I love how the black completely pops the red, purple, and turquoise. This makes this print more of a fall floral, rather than a brighter floral you'd typically wear in the spring or summertime. The beauty of floral is its versatility, it can be worn all four seasons and virtually all year around depending on the floral color and pattern. Because this dress was more than a statement itself, I really didn't feel the need to over-accessorize. However, while cleaning out my clutch section the other day, I found this colorful studded clutch I purchased years and years ago. Just as I was about to throw it in my giveaway pile, I saw this watercolor floral number hanging my closet and decided to keep it and pair it with this dress. These two together felt something like a match-made-in-heaven, I'll say. The color of the studs were a perfect match to the colors in my midi dress.

Moral of the story is................ I know often times we're tempted to dispose of older things lingering in our closets, but before you decide to get rid of them, take a good look and decide if it can be of any use to you in the future. Recycling constantly occurs in fashion, and while I know studs are long gone and not trending right now, I was still able to make great use of this little gem of a clutch. Constantly keeping up with trends will lead you to BROKEVILLE, and I mean come on, who wants to go broke on buying and re-buying?!? I for one, refuse to. Speaking from personal experience, some of my the best looks have come from putting together items already chilling in my closet. You just have to know how to piece the right things together. This little tactic has worked pretty well for me throughout the years; I'm able to keep fashionable while saving a dollar or two!! ;-) MSsignature

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