Easy Breezy Culotte Jumpsuit



House of Chic jumpsuit culotte :: Christian Louboutin shoes :: H&M clutch :: Dior sunnies 

Hey Lovelies! There's no secret that jumpsuits took this summer by storm, but I really became immensely fond of culotte styled jumpsuits, especially in these past summer months! As I changed up my wardrobe for summer, I bought a couple of culotte jumpsuits and added them as some of my staple pieces. I also figured that I could carry them over to autumn because the weather would still be a little warm! Although we particularly saw these pieces in the 70s, let me tell y'all, culottes and culotte jumpsuits are currently back on-trend. Moreover, I'll be channelling them heavily because I love how my curves are overdramatized and accentuated!  Seriously, what's not to love love love about an all-in-one outfit anyway!?! A major reason why I love jumpsuits, particularly culotte jumpsuits so much is because they're super stylish, cool enough to wear on the hottest summer day, comfie, and above all, stylish! I also really love how culotte jumpsuits can be dressed up or down, creating a constant versatility factor. 

I also particularly love this culotte jumpsuit because of all the subtle sexy details it encompasses. I love the dropped back detailing and the stomach cut-out. Although, its not overtly sexy, there's a little peep here and there! Ladies, can I just say personally, I rrrrreeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy love subtle yet sexy instead of pieces that accentuate all your curves at once. Perhaps, I'm old school, but leaving something to the imagination is so much more enticing! Indeed, with this House Of Chic culotte jumpsuit, I'm able to do just that! In addition, I'm also attracted to the masculinity this piece. You can always count on pinstripes for a masculine vibe, which I personally don't mind from time to time.  Now, I know pinstripes trended heavily last season, but I must admit, this easy breezy culotte jumpsuit was simply irresistible and I actually didn't care whether or not the trend dated back to some months.

I chose to accessorize with gold which is quite normal and typical for me. Since I finally found the Dior "So Real" sunnies, I'll probably be wearing them in like every future blogpost I post, lol j/k. However, in all seriousness, these were sold out in this particular "gold" color for like ever. But, with anything, persistence usually leads to accomplishment, and in this case, me being persistent in my search lead me to find them! Even though the Dior 'So Real's 'shape almost mimics an aviator style, I'm most attracted to how futuristic looking they are! If you all haven't noticed, I love investing in small yet vital statement accesory pieces like sunnies, because it adds the perfect pop! 


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