Dreamy Blue

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Chicwish dress :: Chinese Laundry Pumps :: Old Navy Belt

Hey Lovelies! Are winter blues a.k.a. grays and blacks bringing down your wardrobe yet? I mean let's face it, some winter days can be quite grey-ish and dull, but my solution for those days are pastels! I resort to powdery pinks, baby blues, and cool mints because they provide a counterpoint to the ugliest, wintery days. For whatever reason, they're an instant mood lifter to combat the inevitable case of sad and gloomy days! Think about this for a moment..... Pastels have mouth-watering names like sorbet, sherbet, and cotton candy which often offer a constant reminder that the fresh growth of spring is not too far away. 

Sure, a dreamy blue color like the one pictured is considered more appropriate for spring or summertime, but I'm not going to wear darker shades every day of winter  just to appease fashion critics and I'm certainly not going to retreat into darker colors to mirror the season. I've always felt strongly about not following every fashion rule expected of me and honestly, it's my strong belief that that's what distinguishes a  trendsetter from a trend follower!

I really love the detailing of this dreamy blue crochet dress. Its an unusual floral crochet pattern with cutout details and deep v-neckline. The texture is extremely visual which is pretty nice also. It's the perfect little number for a lunch date or even an evening out depending on how you pair it! 


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