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Chicwish Dress :: Asos Sandals :: Top Shop Clutch 

Hey Lovelies! There's a color shade I rarely wear, but love to wear; that color my loves is dark blue also known as navy! Navy for me ranks almost as dominant as black, but there's something a little more elegant about it. Perhaps, navy has accidentally created an exclusivity about itself since you don't see it usually worn on a daily basis. Whatever the case, when I do decide to wear this color or any shade in the dark blue hues family, I make sure to give it the justice it deserves. Sure, some may think that because it's not the brightest or boldest hue, there's nothing too special great or special about this color. But I'd argue that if you've ever worn navy or any color in the dark blue hue family, you could attest that it is flattering, slimming, and much more forgiving when it comes to dirt and grime. I'd even argue that it can be a better alternative to black because it can be less harsh and carries an air of sophistication. Is navy the new black, you may ask? Well, I'm not saying all that. But, I will say dark blue hues have found it's way into fashion and can dominate in all shapes and forms. 

I came across this simple yet beautiful daisy world embossed dress from Chicwish and to me it encompassed everything perfection. The design is effortlessly chic, which is a style type I frequently love to wear. This navy blue beauty features a sophisticated, crocheted daisy pattern on the bust while the shoulders and arms have a cut-out crochet pattern. The glam-embossed skirt portion is a heavier material that resembles a glossy jacquard. The design element is the most attractive feature about this this dress  to me, along with the unique dark blue hues tone. In a case like this, where a piece stands out and speaks loudly on its own, I typically would not accessorize much. However, I really wanted to have fun by playing this piece up. What better way to do this then by adding contrast. This premium shearling clutch from Top Shop added tactile textures that you'd never think to pair with this dress. It is detailed with a soft shearling trim which provided an exaggerated playful approach. I've had these dark blue hue sandals for nearly a year now and never had the opportunity to wear them. Although this wouldn't have typically been my first choice, I'm glad I decided to pair the dress with these sandals because it made it all the more fun to wear. 


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