Cancun Dolphin Encounter

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Hey Lovebugs! While in Cancun we visited the Dolphin Discovery in Isla Mujeres. This hands down was nothing short of an awesome excursion! We took a boat from Cancun to Isla Mujeres which is an island away from Cancun that resides in the Caribbean Sea. The boat ride took approximately 40 minutes. However, it didn't seem very long because we spent our time admiring the view, breathing in fresh air, and taking selfies. Once we arrived to the island, we very impressed with what our excursion came with. There were several hammocks to lay on, an adult pool, children's pool, complementary food buffet, a couple of bars, beach tables and chairs, play area for children, plenty of lockers, snorkeling adventures, private cabanas, fun in the sun activities, and lots of room to roam the island. Somehow we wandered ourselves to the private cabanas that accommodated us with our own personal room that came with a hammock, L-shaped sofa, television, personal sink, mirror, locker, unlimited drinks, two personal VIP  food buffets, and a small private roof-top pool with a break-taking view.

As per our Dolphin Encounter, we were given wristbands that came with a number which represented our allotted time to spend with the dolphins. Because we were one of the last groups in the day, we took advantage of  the VIP food buffet, unlimited drinks, and  some great R&R in our private cabana. When it was time for us to have our Dolophin encounter, we lined up and followed our guide out to the dolphin area. We were not allowed to take cameras or phones (which was a bummer), however, there is a person who takes pictures (of course for an extra handsome fee). The group was significantly intimate so each person had more than enough time to enjoy the encounter.  Our personal dolphin guide was Emilio and the dolphin we spent time with was Attila! Our time with Attila was tons of fun. Although I cannot compare this experience to a previous dolphin encounter, I can say that Emilio provided great facts and information about the life of dolphins. I was also impressed with how friendly Attila was and his sense of humor.

Once our dolphin encounter came to an end, we said our goodbyes to Atilla and Emilio, and were escorted to a picture viewing area. The pictures were pretty pricey, priced at 15.00 US (per picture). However, we went ahead and purchased the $180.00 US packet that included all of our pictures on CD just as keepsake to remember such a memorable day. Please note that purchasing flicks are completely optional, without that expense, the day trip was quite reasonable. All in all I'd personally recommend visiting this beautiful island for the day especially swimming with dolphins because it was such a rewarding experience!

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