Basic Just Won't Do

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H&M shirt :: Cotton-on Leggings :: Adidas Superstar Supercolor Tennis Shoes

Hey Lovelies!  I love when I come across an article of clothing that portrays a positive message! I believe in saturating my life in positive everything, and although this can be a hard task at times, I know that at least in trying to remain positive, I'm already a step ahead. When I actually think about what "Basic Just Won't Do" really means, I get immensely amp'd. Reason being, I know that I wasn't born to be basic, live basic, have basic, nor settle for basic. Truth is, none of us were. Instead we were all born to be awesome, live awesome, have awesomeness, and achieve awesomeness! Having that knowledge alone should be the insight and  inspiration we need to know that in all things, "Basic Just Won't Do!" Yes, we will experience roadblocks and disappointments from time to time in life. Yes, we might even fall flat on our faces and fail, but by no means necessary does this mean that we have to give up and resort to settling for BASIC in any aspect of our lives. Don't worry, not only is my goal to encourage each of you, but in the midst of this rant, I'm encouraging myself as well because I need that same reminder from time to time. What's really awesome about this concept is that I think once we realize that "Basic Just Won't Do" and I mean like really really really get it, understand it, and believe it wholeheartedly, no aspect in our lives will ever be basic! 


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